The Stardom Chance Genesis NFT Series

Stardom Chance A-List NFT Sale

Join the A-List
StarBabies - Your ticket to film making opportunities

In-Front of the Camera Experiences

Speaking Roles in a Stardom Chance film
Walk the Red Carpet at a Movie premier
IMDb mention on select films
Guest Judge on Stardom Chance Reality Show
and more

Behind the Camera Experiences

Shadow a Director for a week
Shadow a Producer for a week
Shadow a Director of Photography for a week
Shadow an Art Director for a week
Visit an active Movie Set during filming
Virtual Master Class series with Stardom Chance Studio's Directors, Producers and more

Always on the A-List Experiences

Dine with a Director, Producer, Art Director or Star of a film
Visit a live film set and take photos with the cast & crew
Attend a film production wrap party
Attend a reality show taping
Attend a reality show wrap party and more

The STARBabies NFT Series

This is a chance to register for the A-List, which gives you a guaranteed opportunity to purchase 1 STARBabies NFT.

The A-List Mint price will be $250USD, public sale price is $300USD. Purchases can be made by Credit Card or Crypto with MATIC (On the Polygon chain). If you miss the A-List mint deadline till early september, your whitelist allocation will automatically transfer to public Sale platform and there is no going back from there, even if you click your heels and say"There's no place like A-List, There's no place like A-List"

Please fill out the form for your chance for a guaranteed spot on the STARBabies A-List.

We'll notify you prior to minting if you were selected for the A-List!

NFT Features

3.5% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed an actual speaking role in an upcoming Stardom Chance Studio Movie

5% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed a ticket to attend a Star Chance show taping

10% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed an in-person opportunity to visit a Stardom Chance Studio movie set (see conditions 1A below) and attend a Stardom Chance Studio movie premiere (see conditions 1B), opportunity to attend a Stardom Chance Studio movie wrap party (see conditions 1C below)

25% of STARBabies holders will have virtual access to film wrap parties and virtual attendance to Stardom Chance Studio movie premiers

100% of STARBabies holders will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Master Class with directors and producers of feature films, receive discounts on Stardom Chance events and merchandise and discounts on Stardom movie tickets, and all STARBabies holders will receive a Stardom Chance Guild NFT cold storage card and have lifetime access to stream all Stardom Chance Studio movie productions

We've all heard the saying "It's all about who you know"
As a STARBabies NFT holder,
YOU are the WHO to know!!!

Membership has its privileges, and a Stardom Chance Guild STARBabies NFT is packed with them! Stardom Chance Guild membership and STARBabies NFTs are full of A-List, front-of-the-line, behind-the-velvet-ropes perks!

Always known you were born to be a star?
Are you the next Spielberg?
Have you always wanted to be an A-Lister?

By simply owning a STARBabies NFT you automatically have access to dozens of insider a-list experiences, virtual master classes and digital assets. Your unique NFT might also hold the key to a speaking role in a film, attendance to a Red-Carpet Movie Premiere, visits to film sets and access to movie directors and producers. The Stardom Chance Studios Network is growing globally, and additional chances will be added with each film, so your star power is limitless! For this introductory series we are guaranteeing 350 speaking roles in a film, 16 chances to shadow a Director, Producer, Director of Photography or Art Director for a week, thousands of chances to attend movie premieres, visit movies sets, have dinner with a lead actor in a film and more. All this by holding a STARBabies NFT. Click below to get on the Whitelist and your chance to purchase a STARBabies NFT for $250 on September 1st.

Every NFT includes the Stardom Chance
Cold Storage Card

Secure and Store your Stardom NFTs

• Each card is an NFT cold storage hardware wallet.

• Superior offline security. Hack-proof, because it's not connected or paired to anything.

• Exclusively for Stardom NFT holders

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